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Lolita Pilates Online is a virtual education platform featuring the work of Pilates Elder Lolita San Miguel. Lolita, along with her Master Instructors/Educators offer both live and on demand classes, workshops and educational tools to challenge any level of Pilates practitioner. LPO gives both Pilates professionals and enthusiasts the opportunity to practice, while preserving the method as Joseph Pilates intended it but recognizing how the method has evolved with our increased knowledge of anatomy, change in apparatus design, Pilates trends and more!

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Live monthly class schedule COMING SOON with something for everyone including Legacy Mat Classes, Educator Mentoring Sessions, Apparatus Classes and MORE!

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Check out our on demand library featuring classes taught by Pilates Elder Lolita San Miguel and her chosen Master Teachers & Educators from around the world.  Pick your favorite apparatus and workout anytime!


Featuring content from Lolita, her Masters/Educators, and special guests on topics like Anatomy, Apparatus, Q&As, Book Clubs, Interviews with industry leaders & MORE! Both LIVE & On Demand!


- LIVE & ON DEMAND classes from Pilates Elder Lolita San Miguel & her chosen Master Instructors/Educators

- Workshops with Lolita and mentioned Master Teachers/Educators & Special Guests

- Educational Tools including Lolita’s Legacy Teacher Training Program & Lolita’s Master Mentor Program tools

- "Pilates Shorts": Pilates videos highlighting different apparatus or targeting specific parts of the body



Thank you for joining our Lolita Pilates Online (LPO) community!  We are so excited to share our ON DEMAND library as well as scheduled LIVE programming to practitioners at all stages of their Pilates journey, making the Pilates method accessible to EVERY-BODY!

Our “OG” program, Lolita Pilates Goes Online began at the start of the pandemic, creating a platform for people to practice in the safety of their own space and providing human interaction during the discussion period following each live class. Now, Lolita Pilates Online (LPO), offers the same great programing with even MORE options including easy access to all features/classes and opportunities to interact with our Pilates community in real time.

What makes Lolita Pilates Online different than other online Pilates platforms?  LPO features  original on demand content by Pilates Elder Lolita San Miguel as well as LIVE classes, events, workshops and MORE!  Here you will have the opportunity to learn from Lolita herself in addition to her chosen Master Instructors/Educators as well as special guests including Brent Anderson, Ken Endelman, Kathi Ross Nash & Brett Howard.  Come MOVE with us, and join our LPO community today!


"The days were dark and stormy . . The early COVID days were a disaster for my Pilates practice.  In the middle of Legacy training, the experience devolved into frequent stops and jerky starts as we worked to understand the virus and to remain healthy.  Private and group classes were suspended.  Training sessions were canceled.  My husband and I spent our days at home, both working at the breakfast room table and having our groceries delivered. Then I received an email that Lolita (San Miguel) would be making on-line classes available.And then the clouds parted and the sun came out . For the next two years or so I participated in Lolita Pilates Goes Online ("LPGO") on-line classes with Lolita (every Wednesday), and a coterie of Lolita's Pilates Master Mentor Program Disciples (most of them Educators) three days each week.  At least once each month, there was an LPGO Saturday Workshop covering all manner of topics relevant to the Work.  No only did I enjoy classes with my Legacy Educators -- Danielle Armstrong, Marian Llamas and Laura Cordle Rufo (and, from time to time, Amber Butler), but also Educators from around the world (Joakim Valsinger, Glaucia Adriana, Junko Sakurai, and Katya Smirnova, to name a few).  My practice blossomed! I became stronger and more fit than ever before.  The work and the feedback from Lolita and her Disciples was unequaled.  I do not wish for another pandemic, but I am thrilled beyond belief that Lolita Pilates Online is returning. Sign up.  Do the work.  You'll be better for it."

Christine Hanley, Esq., NCPT
Lolita's Legacy Certified Instructor and
Second Generation Pilates Master
West Palm Beach, Florida 

"I began taking classes with Lolita and her prodigious team of Educators in June 2020 and continued through to my final exam in September 2021.  It has been an incredible honour and a privilege to take classes on a weekly basis with some of the finest Pilates instructors in the business.  The attention to detail, creativity, drive and humour of the educators made it a very special community.  Having LPGO without doubt augmented and built upon all the training I received and broadened my knowledge of the Pilates method.  I found some of the workshops to be insightful, inspiring and relevant today.  I particularly enjoyed the lively Q&A’s. I was able to wander down avenues I didn’t expect, learned about conditions of which I had no previous knowledge ie pilates for ADHD -which was really insightful and very relevant today. I learned a lot about myself and, being a part of the LPGO community encouraged me to make myself a priority, overcome my fears and saw me through my teaser journey. I will forever be grateful to Danielle who got me through teaser on the longbox :)Lolita and her team of educators have all contributed to both my personal and professional growth, for which I will be eternally grateful."

Rachel Julian
Lolita’s Legacy Certified Instructor
Rotterdam, Netherlands 

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